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Snowpiercer (2013)

American popular culture is skittish about discussing social class and even more terrified about dramatizing the outgrowths of class dissatisfaction. It’s as if the haves who pump out our entertainment don’t want to show human have-nots rattling their cages. Sometimes you get a thoughtful allegory, like the current reincarnation of the Planet of the Apes movies, or a real surprise like Captain Phillips. But the shocking achievement of a show like Orange Is the New Black is its gentle but unrelenting dramatization of class struggle, even—or perhaps especially—in someplace like a women’s prison. The inmates demand their humanity.

Snowpiercer is more diagrammatic about what it’s up to. It’s an action movie. The plot proceeds like a philosophical game. But the image of the film’s great unwashed swaying in unison as the train rocks along the track is a chilling one. To get a movie like this, one that works, near the height of summer feels good. Bong keeps his sick, sideways approach to comedy, yet this isn’t a cheap, happy movie. Its a downbeat spectacle. But very good, unforgettably bizarre, original filmmaking and adventurously explored ideas can leave you feeling high, especially when you don’t know quite how it’s been pulled off. Ingenuity is part of it. The rest just seems like grim magic.

Wesley Morris


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Well, I didn’t get to shoot The Story So Far’s set last night—and its because I’m the person hunkered down to Parker’s left, untangling the mic cord from the monitor. Good goin’, you pop punkers, ya broke the Epicentre.

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He’s a ghost, he’s a god, 
he’s a man, he’s a guru 
You’re one microscopic cog 
in his catastrophic plan 
Designed and directed by 
his red right hand

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Those whom the gods love grow young.
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No shit sherlock

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Brand New Beanies



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